If you love The Secret, You’ll love The Power even more!

Over the years people have become aware of the law of attraction. The power of faith has now been broken down to a scientific entity and it has been proven to be real. This means that whatever you believe will eventually be manifested and become your reality. Rhona Byrne is a new thought author from Australia. She is also a television producer and writer. In 2006 she published a best selling novel entitled, “The Secret”. This book is based on the pseudo-scientific “law of attraction’. This theory says that thoughts can change the world and actually have power. Rhonda claims that thoughts become things and in this book, she goes into detail on how you can use the power of positive thinking to create a life full of joy! This theory was previously discovered but never before put on a television screen and that is what Rhonda did differently. She made a deal with Netflix and when she did, The Secret was no longer a secret. The entire world would be exposed to this epic knowledge. She then followed up with an even more detailed version of her first book. She called this sequel, (“The Power”). If you loved The Secret, then you will absolutely adore The Power.

The law of attraction claims that whatever you are experiencing in your life is a direct result of your thoughts. In the book, The Secret, Rhonda really goes in depth in explaining the law of attraction and how it works. She talks about how your emotions and your feelings are the vehicles to your thoughts. She also gives examples of her own life and tells how the law of attraction has helped her throughout the years. In The Secret, the main focus is to get people to understand the power of positive thinking. This was the goal of her first book but the second book The Power is more in depth. The Secret is informational and The Power is instructional. Both books are best sellers.

Inside The Power, she gives instructions on how to use the law of attraction now that you understand what it is. Rhonda writes about the power of imagination and how to create games in your head to help you manifest joy. The Power explains the actual power that we all hold. The power to create our lives. It does not explain so much but it gives you a much-needed guide to navigating through all the negative emotions that come with being human. The Power tells you how to manifest effectively. The Secret tells you how faith works. If you think the Secret was good, you will be blown away by The Power!

The law of attraction has been around for years. And when I say years I really mean Millenniums. In her book, she actually quotes people like Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison and many more. Wallace Wattles who wrote (“Think and Grow Rich”) which is a similar book. It says that an infinite intelligence which is a Godlike entity that supplies us the desires of our hearts, or our worst fears. According to The Secret, this law declares that whatever you think about becomes your reality whether it is good or bad. If you truly believe it, then it is true. This law does not discriminate between good and bad thoughts, it just gives you whatever you internalize to be true. You write your own life story according to this law of attraction.

The second book that Rhonda wrote entitled (“The Power”) because it puts the law of attraction in your hands! It lets you know how to navigate through your thoughts and remain joyful. The Power teaches you how to keep your joy! It is one thing to know how the Law of attraction works, but it another thing to understand how to use it as a tool. This is where the real magic happens. Learning how to apply this ever powerful law to your everyday life is critical in the effectively use this law of attraction. It is as real as the law of gravity.

In conclusion, The Secret is a best selling must-read book that you will most likely read more than once and get different valuable information each and every single time you read it. The Secret is phenomenal because of the books’ simplicity. You can read it very easily and it is not full of quantum physics that most people can not relate to or understand. But The Power is even better!

Escorts in Vegas: The Escort Guide Book

There is certainly no shortage of Escorts in Vegas. I guess it could be said that Las Vegas is the capital of Escort Services. Essentially, Escorts are hired to show the client a good time. No matter how you look at the whole Escort thing, those that hire Escorts are looking for sex. An Escort Guide Book could be useful especially for those who have not used Escorts before.

Las Vegas Escort is a popular Runway Escorts Booking Agency. An Runway Escorts Agency essentially screens those looking for a compatible Escort to show them a good time. An agency such as this will do a complete background check on all interested candidates or applicants seeking the “perfect” Escort to fulfill their needs. Many times a person is looking for some kind of “Fantasy” to be fulfilled through the use of an Escort.

Although agencies do their best to find you an Escort to fulfill your desires, depending upon what the person is seeking may take some time before the agency finds a compatible “Escort”. Escort Services by no means are cheap. Therefore, if you easily spend in excess of $2,000 just for one night of Escort Service. The agency will discuss cost well in advance.

Escorts usually will pick up the client, many times the Escort has a driver to take the couple around town. The evening could begin with a romantic dinner at a classy restaurant. In addition, a movie or show may follow dinner. However, by the time the evening comes to a close the couple will usually end up in a Hotel or a residence. The real fun usually begins behind closed doors. Follow up dates do occur many times, that is between the Escort and the client.

It is possible to hire the Top Las Vegas Escorts available. If the client is seeking some of the Top Las Vegas Escorts then it is important that the client contacts a well known and reputable agency. It is critical that you do some research before securing the services of an Runway Escorts Booking Agency. Safety is of utmost importance when deciding to use an Escort Agency in Las Vegas.

When you are seeking to hire the Top Las Vegas Escorts available, you better be prepared to spend some serious cash. The best Escorts in the business will require the client foot the bill for everything which includes compensation for Escort services rendered.

When using Escort Services in Las Vegas, once the Escort picks up their date for the evening, the Escort must report to the agency. According to the rules, the agency must know the whereabouts of the escort and the client at all times. Whereabouts must be made known to the agency for safety and security reasons.

If a client is seeking an Escort for some very exciting sex, then it is the agency’s job to attempt to locate an Escort that would fit the profile. It is important to keep in mind that the agency will enforce safe sex practices to the client while using one of their hired Escorts. Agencies are normally very vocal about enforcing the importance of safe sex practices for obvious reasons.

Some may view the use of an Escort service as equivalent to “Prostitution”. However, I guess it all depends upon how one looks at the whole situation. Escorts tend to be a bit more classy in comparison to a Prostitute. In addition, a client will certainly pay an escort a great deal more money than someone would pay a “hooker” for one night of just sex. Also, Escort Service is not against the law and of course Prostitution is against the law.

*In Conclusion:

Finally, Escort Services are run like a regular money making business. There are certain rules and regulations that must be followed. If a client violates any rules or regulations set forth by an Escort Agency then the client may be banned from using that particular agency in the future. If a client gets out of hand on the first meeting, the Escort and the agency has a right to cut the evening short and discontinue services.

Escort Services can help a client fulfill their wildest fantasy. However, a client may be using an escort service because they are incredibly lonely and need companionship. Part of fulfilling the needs and loneliness of a client may be through sex. As long as the client is willing to pay, the Escort will for the most part accommodate the client’s needs and desires. Escorts in Vegas are real professionals who know how to please the client.

Books that Changed my Life

As an English teacher, I have firm beliefs that everyone is truly a reader. For those who say they don’t like reading, it’s merely because they have yet to find that book that really impacts them. Because of this, I have decided to create a list of books that significantly changed my life, and why these books had such an impact on me. Between fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, and even graphic novels, it is difficult to choose just a few that left an impression on me, because every book seems to leave me with some sort of resonating feeling. However, this list is a strong compilation of those that really stick to the heart.

Sandman by Neil Gaiman

The Sandman is a graphic novel that ran for 25 years and definitely breaks the mold of what graphic novels used to be. Gaiman has extensive knowledge of mythology, culture, and religions, and uses his characters in The Sandman to really illustrate how powerful the impact history has on the modern world. The main characters are called The Endless. They are seven siblings that represent the core values of people: Destiny, Destruction, Dream, Desire, Despair, Delirium, and Death. Dream is the main character, and the reader watches his story unfold throughout all of history. Anyone who has ever been inspired by a dream is displayed in his story: William Shakespeare, Egyptians, Folklore, even the dreams of a domestic house cat. Reading this story was an emotional roller coaster for me. I saw similarities in the relationship between Dream and Delirium (siblings) that my brother and I also experienced. Gaiman made me feel like I was involved in an inside job, moving right alongside the characters.

Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed

Mumbo Jumbo is a historical fiction novel based in the United States 1920’s jazz era. Written with some traditional slang, the characters travel from New Orleans, to Chicago, to Harlem and to any other place jazz heavily influenced in the united states. It’s a social argument story as well, showing the struggle that mainstream culture experienced when they realized that jazz was on the rise and soon, white people would be listening to black people music. For anyone interested in social change and revolutionary history in America, this book is a must read. Reed impacted me because I could now see through someone else’s eyes. As an author, he is also a social activist who supports multicultural education and teaching history inclusively.

The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind

Where most of my generation followed Harry Potter to Hogwarts, I followed Richard and Kahlan into the unknown world of the Confessor. This series has twelve total novels included. I finished them in a summer. When the stories were over, I suffered the consequences of being heavily invested in characters and found myself reflecting back on what lessons they had learned, how they overcame amazing odds, and found myself wishing that I had the adventures they did. I became more daring in my personal life because honestly, books just change you like that. I figured if Kahlan could withstand all that her villains threw at her, why couldn’t I do the same? This is a fantasy series that resonates seriously in the real world.

Everworld by Katherine Applegate

I read this book as a teenager, and then read it again as an adult. This is one of those gems that did not at all lose it’s meanings. The story is about a group of teenagers who accidentally follow a witch into another dimension. Growing up in love with stories such as Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz, I hated that characters would leave these fantastic worlds and come back to the humdrum of regular life. In Everworld, the characters function in between both worlds. When they sleep in the alternative dimension world, they are awake and going through daily life in the “real” world. This way, they can use the resources of modern technology whenever they needed to research a solution to a problem they were experiencing in the new dimension. This one is also mythological based; many of the characters they meet are gods from old religions. This book made me utilize my access to technology more. I looked up every character I did not know. In fact, this is how I know everything about Thor and can manage to keep up with those movies as well.

While this list could go on and on, I’ll have to skip going into details on Mercedes Lackey, Melanie Rawn, or Chuck Palanuik an hope that sharing my top favorite novels will get you interested in reading until you find what impacts you the most. A perfect book is out there, and the adventure for finding it is worth the read.